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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Bob Morgan's "St. Martha"

Created for Lucy and I by renowned Lexington artist Robert Morgan, this is his depiction of St. Martha.

Bob Says:
Saint Martha was the brother to Lazarus, she became a believer when he was raised from the dead. Upon Christ's death she left the Judea for Avignon in what is present day France. It was in Tarascon she was told of a great monster dragon that was devouring local folks. Martha set out to find the monster and came upon it eating a screaming man in the local woods. Martha used the power of love to tame the beast that sleeps at her feet.

Unlike St. George who slew the dragon St. Martha knew the best way to change was from within.

This piece titled "Vision of St. Martha" shows Truth and Justice in a triumphant ride against ignorance. Martha rides a chicken, a very important creature in Voudon belief and ritual.

Saint Martha is Santa Marta in the Caribbean Voudun Cults and Mami Wata in West Africa

Thank you, Bob. It is wonderful.


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