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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Pictures from all over Creation!

There are just a ga-jillion pictures from our wedding. Which is fantastico!

I'm going to try updating this post to include new links as they come in, so look for this post on the right side "permanent links" of

  • The first place to look is at the Flickr Group that I set up for people to "dump" pictures to. If you have some, please consider adding them to this group! This group will be a work in progress for some time! (PS: Flickr is great fun. Joining is free (unless you want to spring for a $25 PRO account, which I highly recommend. Being a Flickr member is the best way to appreciate all this photo-sharing madness)
  • Mark Swindle took some wonderful pictures, and they are here.
  • Mary Lynn's pictures at Kodak Gallery are here.
  • Minneapolis' swankiest man, Scott Muskin put up his fabulo pix here.
  • And here are Jill's fab pix!
  • Brother Christo has posted many a goofy shot here.
  • Some pictures that Lori-lyn took of the Bowling & Karaoke pre-wedding party are here. And Mary Lynn took some, too, and they're here.
  • Some of mine and Lucy's Belize Honeymoon pictures are here.
  • Mark Swindle took some videos, but last I checked the links weren't working. Hopefully they're back up now.
  • The amazing Tim Stamps has thus-far posted three videos: There's a montage which sets the scene of Buffalo Trace, accompanied by JT's trumpet Call to Post; Then there's the Marriage Blessing Dance by the Solid Gold Gopis, which occurred at the end of the ceremony; and finally there's the Samba Recessional! Thank you so much, Tim!!


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