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Friday, June 16, 2006

hi guys from belize!

Hello from Belize, guys! I say "guys," because that's what all tourists seem to be called.

Our hotel here, Mata Rocks Resort, is pretty delightful, smallish and not too touristy. Belize is a touristy place, fyi. It is. We've quite learned the actuality of the term 'eco-tourism,' which means you shuffle people around on all sorts of excursions that tend to include, in any order: snorkeling, fishing, cave-tubing, zip-lining, ruins-visiting, and scuba. All of these are, of course, package priced, and so, depending on how much of an overachiever you are (note: there seem to be plenty of NY'ers here), you can get into some serious money. We're trying our best to find a balance with "doing nothing," but every day there seems to be a preponderance of conversations with sentences like: "What did you guys do today?" or "Have you guys done the cave tubing thing?" or "We went snorkeling at Shark-Ray Alley and it was awesome." You get the idea.

The place is a delight though. One can relax as much one likes, and the motto here is, supposedly, "No Shirt, no shoes, no problem." I've seen little to disprove that.

I'm going to go snorkel in the 80 degree water now.

Pictures and more to come!!


  • Nice One! Happy almost Anniversary GUYS (one week.) Today I had a strong yearning for a 1 week retrograde time machine. I've been spending extra early morning time at work running (& building) wires for our new video cam system. Sunday I'll be recording. Monday is Jury Duty. After that my work week starts again.

    Ain't New York fun sometimes?

    Here's to rum flavored reggae coleslaw puffs!

    By Blogger jaunty, at 3:17 PM  

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