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Sunday, June 18, 2006

The Regulars

Mata Rocks Resort is small enough that we have quickly become acquiainted with "the regulars," at least of our week:

The Overachievers: a NY 30-something couple who always have plans and reservations

The Lesbians: several couples that we are happy to share space with. In fact, Belize is a country where homosexuality is illegal, though rarely enforced. With this in mind, our hotel must have made the Pink Pages.

The Marine's Family: a barrel-chested tattooed and tanned marine is here with his extended family. They do it all, and grandma generally watches the cute little girl (unless she's being "brave" and zip-lining or cave-tubing)

The Canucks: a lovey-dovey couple from ontario who are currently trying to make "a whirlpool" in the deck pool, by swimming around and around repeately in a counterclockwise direction. Now that's what i call leisure.


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