Lucy and Mick's World Wide Wed

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Sentiment Your Memories!

Yeah, the invitation: We're working on it! I've been working on getting a decent concept of handmade envelopes, and in my internettic searching, found the handicraft mall, an apparently Asian site for Kountry Kraft sort of things. As if that's not hilarious enough, it's also a great addition to the always hilarious Engrish site.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Buffalo Trace Bar Collage

Buffalo Trace Bar Collage
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Let there be no confusion: I am wild about this bar.

One of the stipulations of my marriage to Lucy Points is that I get to bartend for a reasonable period of time at our wedding. More specifically, I get to bartend in this bar. I mean—just look at it!

Send in the Cavalry! CHOW GIRLS!

Lucy and I are honored and delighted to announce that our weddin' eats will be the domain of Chow Girls, out of Minneapolis, Minnesota! All words of fanfare will eventually be replaced by "mmmmmmm!"

Hey Chow Girls! Here's a picture of the kitchen. And here's another.

The Waltons decend and Return to the Trace

Wednesday was a big day, y'all! The Walton Sisters descended upon the Bluegrass and met up with Loris and Lucy and Melissa for a day of scouting The Approved Event Sites®. Together, they stopped by Good Old Days Barbecue, where we're going to have the Saturday shindig, then they headed to Frankfurt to Buffalo Trace. Actually, just Loris, Lucy, and Melissa headed to Buffalo Trace; Mom and Aunt Sharlot had already been there, the toads…

Here's a funny story: Initially, I wasn't in on this plan because I had a meeting in—ironically—Frankfort. But my ideal was to deliver do the meeting thang and then hot-foot it over to Buffalo Trace to meet them. So I follow my directions to my meeting in Frankfort which winds up being…literally right next door to Buffalo Trace. I kid you not. Then to top it off, I have to "take a number," and the number I am given is 11. And when are we getting married? June 11.

Okay, so it ain't Nostrodamus, but it's pretty fun, right?

Have a look at the Return trip to Buffalo Trace and see what's going to be the backdrop in a few short months!